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Bill Durr, Principal, Contact Center Consulting

Conference & Meeting Presentations


Bill is an accomplished speaker on topics of interest in the contact center and back office communities.  He has presented in venues around the world on workforce optimization, analytics and employee engagement. 

Sensible Solutions

Bill can help you achieve your goals with the solutions you currently have on hand.

Beyond The Box

Beholden to no single vendor, Bill will never compromise his ethics in support of any vendor.

Our Client Strategy

Bill listens to all stakeholders in the organization and helps the leadership team map a path to the achievement of their goals. 

Why is it so important to optimize your workforce? People are the most expensive and valuable resource of any enterprise. There is a pressing need to unleash the full potential of a workforce by rendering people more efficient and competent. Effective organizations are able to set and communicate clear goals to everyone, have the techniques and tools manage performance and measure success, and employ the right individuals with the right skills to support achieving those goals.

Technologies and processes can provide the infrastructure for success, but in the final analysis, it all comes down to your people. If any of the people in your organization cannot execute their piece of the plan, your operation is at some level of risk.

If your management team has the right tools, processes and skills to enable goal-setting and measurement, all levels of the organization are driven to operate continuously at maximum performance. The enterprise becomes more cost effective and efficient. Productivity dramatically increases. Employees are more satisfied and willing to invest themselves in an environment that takes them, their skills and their talents seriously. Not only will your employees enjoy having their talents leveraged and developed, your customers will immediately feel the change, as well. 

Forward Thinking

Bill has worked and visited hundreds of contact centers across multiple industries, accumulating a set of best practices.

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Enterprise and Contact Center Consulting


Bill brings an outside-in approach to consulting.  A typical engagement involves one-on-one interviews with the leadership team and members of workforce management, quality monitoring, training, reporting and front-line supervisors.  From these interviews together with the stated goals and objective of the leadership team, an analysis is produced illuminating gaps between existing practices and best practices.