If you listen carefully you can hear the cracking of the foundation upon which all the siloes are built.  Here's why.

The contact center is on the cusp of multiple inflection points that presage wholesale changes.

Satisficing is doing just enough to get by.  It's past time to stop doing this in the contact center and the enterprise.

Many contact centers seek to compare their performance with other centers.  Perhaps they shouldn't.  Here's why.

We are besieged by vendor-sponsored white papers offering advice about what to do.  Should we trust them?

Vendors harping on employee and customer engagement might simply be self-serving.

Skill routing is a very valuable feature.  But some contact centers have way too many skill definitions.  That's a problem.  Here's why.

These processes lose energy over time. Here's an unusual way to re-energize them.

Maybe some agents can be engaged with their employers.  It depends on what color their "collar" is.

Articles and Papers

Get it right the first time or service recovery?  Which is more powerful?