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Not really interested in Brand Management?  If you really want to practice quality management in contact centers, here's how to fix things.

Whatever technologies you have, they aren't enough. Increasingly, that's the message vendors are sending.  Can this be true?

According to a new Gallup poll remote employees have higher engagement, up to a point.

Assess four to eight randomly sampled calls per agent per month.  This is what is known as quality management in contact centers.  Except it’s not.  

What you report to senior management shapes their perceptions and most of you are doing yourselves no favors.

Shrinkage best practices and the relationship between occupancy and service level.

Has the contact center industry reached its high-water mark?  Will there be a gradual decline in the number of agents employed?  

WFO revenues declined for the first time ever according to DMG Consulting.  There are winners and losers.  DMG says things will improve.  Don't count on it.

Why haven't most contact centers implemented workforce optimization, speech analytics and performance management?  Gartner Research may have the answer.

OK, it's not really quality management for two good reasons.  But it's something just as important - brand management. 

I've been troubled by the word "management" in WFM in the past.  But finally the practice is earning the word.

WFM software needs to change.  Here's why a "gig economy" approach may be the answer.