Why is it so hard to build a defensible cost justification business case?

Robots in the contact center.  Free agents from drudge-work, satisfy customers and lower costs.  Where have I heard this before?

Organizations need to reduce employee effort.  Here are some suggestions on how to turn it around.

Fail the budgeting process and you doom operations for the entire year.  Budgeting involves planning and strategy development.

Want people to behave in certain ways?  Engage in new thinking about goal setting and recognition and reward programs.

Some contact centers require lots of skill definition.  Others add skill definition for the wrong reasons and pay a price.

Many contact center management teams believe customer service myths to be truisms.  Here's a few.

Why do people behave the way they do?  The surprise answer: It's not what happens before, it's what happens after.

Part 2 is about why engagement is so much harder for contact centers and what to do about that.

Articles & Papers

Avoid new software deployment failures by focusing on Change Management.

Many vendors are talking up customer effort.  Success, they say, lies in frictionless interactions.  Maybe the focus ought to be on employee effort.

Employee engagement is a hot topic and the newest holy grail.  This article is what Gallup has to say about it.