Here's seven "rules" to consider when creating a post-call survey.

Dr. Jodie Monger, President Customer Relationship Metrics, published an article that addresses what should the scale be?

I don't write very much about Outbound Contact Centers.  Here's why.

The causes of agent turnover are well understood.  Can anything be done to fix things?

Why is it that you can use Yelp to learn all about a new restaurant but the same sort of information about vendors isn't there?

Mass Production, Mass Customization and Networked Expert.  Which is your model?  Which model do you aspire to?

Relationship selling?  Maybe not.  Delighting the customer?  Maybe not.  New ideas.

Big Data will have its day but perhaps contact centers should focus on Small Data first.

Debating Service Level vs Abandon Rate and Average Handle Time goals over and over.

Here are 5 great reasons why more contact centers ought to have strong home agent programs.

Articles And Papers

Gallup Research finds that engaged agents are the key to customer satisfaction.  Gamification has pro's and con's.  Maybe there's another way.

How you report is as important as what you report.  You should consider creating a contact center annual report.