Quality Management teams calibrate.  So should WFM teams.  Why and how.

Contact center management and WFM specialists need to understand and master change management principles.

Every week people post a query on a contact center chat site asking what the "standard" is for one performance metric or another.  It's pointless and counter-productive.

The scientific method involves experimentation.  You try something to see if it works.  Why, then, don't contact centers experiment?  It's troubling.

Justified schedule adherence violations: Do you adjust the published schedule or not?  And what's the point of Back Office WFM?

Real time guidance promises to place a "coach" alongside every agent, elevating their performance.  Is it too good to be true?

Why has attrition remained unacceptably high when so many people work hard to reduce it?  Maybe it's about the work.

It is said that employees don't leave companies, they leave managers.  Maybe agent attrition has to do with their supervisors.

The easiest way to deliver a bad customer experience is to advertise that you are something that you are not.  Be authentic about what your value proposition actually is.

Net promoter score.  Customer satisfaction. Loyalty. Wow experiences.  Why don't companies talk about trust?

I have posted a funny yet chilling blog by Matt Wixon in the Dallas Morning News some years ago.  Enjoy but also think hard about your delay announcement.

Entropy is the process that describes how things degrade over time unless new energy is added.  It affects applications as well.

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